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EPA WaterSense

WaterSense Partners – what is it?

WaterSense, An EPA Partnership Program, and companies like AQUA-LAWN are committed to bringing water-efficient products to market and spreading the word about the need for smart water use.

At AQUA-LAWN, we are serious about water efficiency.

We have three WaterSense Irrigation Partners on staff:


WaterSense has several partnership types, each with different eligibility requirements. We fall under “Certified Irrigation Professionals” classification.

Landscape irrigation professionals can become WaterSense partners when they are certified through a WaterSense labeled certification program. Individuals must agree to promote water efficiency to customers and provide water-efficient services to customers. At present, irrigation partners are the only type of certified professional covered under the WaterSense program.

To be eligible for WaterSense partnership, individuals must submit proof of up-to-date certification through one of the certifying programs like the Irrigation Association: Certified Irrigation Designer (landscape/turf specialties only), Certified Irrigation Contractor, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor or Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor: Certificate dated 2012 forward or current renewal card.