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Aqua–Lawn has installed and serviced water pumps and pumping systems for irrigation systems for over 40 years. Having pump knowledge is important in selecting the proper pump system for the irrigation system’s requirements. Not every system needs a pump. Pumps are used when:

  • You want to draw water from a pond, lake or stream for irrigation. This can eliminate the need to purchase potable water for landscape watering.
  • Local city water pressure is too low to operate an irrigation system. In this case a pump is installed to “boost” the water pressure to proper level.


The most commonly used pumps/systems for irrigation are as follows:

– Centrifugal pumps

– Jet pumps

– Submersible pumps

– Booster pump systems

– Variable speed constant pressure systems


Always keep in mind, the pump or pump system is the heart of the irrigation system and should be chosen and serviced properly.