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Backflow Testing


Annual certified testing of backflow prevention devices is required by both
Section I9-13-B38a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and your water company. Please click the links below for more information. 

State of Connecticut

Aquarion Water Company

Regional Water Authority


Your irrigation system helps keep the lawn healthy and beautiful. But, did you know it can also contaminate your family’s drinking water? Chemicals and microbes on the lawn can flow back through your home’s plumbing and even into the neighborhood water mains under low-pressure conditions. These conditions can occur when fire hydrants are in use, and during water main breaks.

A backflow prevention device has been installed on your system, per the State Department of Health (DPH) code, to prevent this contamination.  For you and your neighbor’s safety, DPH requires that you have your backflow device inspected annually to ensure proper performance.

Aqua-Lawn, Inc. has Certified Backflow Testing Services

We are certified to test the backflow on your property.  The required test verifies proper operation of the device under a backflow or back-siphonage conditions assuring the safety of your drinking water supply.  We provide:

  • A State-Certified and approved Technician by your local water company
  • In-stock repair parts and service, if needed
  • All regulatory paperwork DONE FOR YOU!


Most important, you will have peace of mind knowing your Annual Certified Backflow Test was performed correctly. No hassles, no worries.

If your device has not been tested this year, please call or email to schedule an inspection.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a backflow?

  • A backflow preventer is a device that prevents back siphonage from occurring.  When working properly it helps assure a safe drinking supply for your family and your neighbors.
  • An approved backflow device is required by DPH (Department of Public Health) on all irrigation systems connected to a public water supply.
  • It is typically a brass device installed outside with check valves and springs specifically designed and manufactured per health codes.

What happens if the backflow test fails?

  • Aqua-Lawn, Inc. vehicles are stocked with backflow repair kits and backflow material to make on-site repairs.
  • When the backflow is repaired, we will retest the backflow during this same visit.
  • If specific repair parts are required beyond our standard stock – we will order the parts required.
  • Repair parts costs are billed to the customer with a labor charged based on required repair time

Who is required to test the backflow?

  • Any professional who has been certified and licensed by the State of Connecticut and approved by your local water company.
  • The test requires use of an approved backflow test kit that has been annually calibrated by an approved testing facility.

I have had a backflow for years and it has never been tested?

  • Aqua-Lawn, Inc. is trying to comply with newer regulations that require notification to your local water company by informing the water company of our customers with backflow preventers. We have now sent our technicians through the certification course in an effort to assist our customers by offering this service./li>

Who is responsible for providing the water company with the test results?

  • The customer is ultimately responsible to provide your local water company with a passing test result. HOWEVER, Aqua-Lawn, Inc. will provide your local water company with all proper testing results so you do not have any hassles. Our licensed Irrigation Technician uses a tablet to complete the test results.  Once completed, the results are forwarded directly to your local water company, a seamless transaction for you. Upon request, a copy of the report can be provided to our customers.