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Residential Irrigation Installation

 Aqua-Lawn is a trusted name for a lawn you’ll love.

An automatic sprinkler system from Aqua-Lawn will ensure your landscape will always look its best without the hassles of dragging the hose. Automatic watering keeps your landscape healthy, even when you’re away.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we know the importance of doing the job right the first time. We insist upon only the highest-grade professional components from leading brand manufacturers that have developed a reputation for outstanding quality control. We use only the newest, state-of-the-art machinery to insure proper installation. Most importantly, we put all of our team members through a rigorous training program to ensure the job is done right. Choosing a reputable and experienced company like Aqua-Lawn will give you lasting satisfaction.


Better equipment, better planning and better service for a better lawn: