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What to Expect from Spring Irrigation Start-Up

After a long winter, it’s time to wake up your sprinkler system and get it ready for a season of keeping your landscape looking its best. Our sprinkler start-up service gets your system ready for optimum performance during the season by performing regular maintenance and identifying any specific issues that may cause problems during the season. It is possible for a novice to cause significant damage to a system by refilling the pipes incorrectly. Surge pressures, air compression and water hammer can result and can damage or destroy sprinkler heads, valves and other components. Trust our technicians to follow the correct procedures to do the task correctly.

Our spring start-up service includes:

  • Refilling the system with water
  •  Testing available water pressure
  • Operating each zone from the irrigation controller
  • Checking each sprinkler head for operation and coverage
  • Adjusting and cleaning components as needed
  • Visually checking for broken risers and underground leaks
  •  Setting controller for the upcoming watering season
  • Verifying sensor operation (where applicable)


Contact our office to schedule your spring start-up today.

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Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

You can reduce water waste by managing when you water and how much you apply. Check out these easy tips:

  • Avoid watering during the hottest, windiest time of day. Early morning is usually best.
  • Use “cycling” to avoid run off when watering turf areas with sprinklers. Pause during waterings to allow time for water to soak-in. It may take 2-3 cycles to water turf without run-off rather than applying the entire amount all at once.
  • Understand ET. Evapotranspiration is the amount of water that is evaporated from the soil and transpired through the plant’s leaves. This amount of water needs to be replaced through watering. If you know your area’s Et rate, you can plan the amount of water to be replaced through irrigation. Check with your local water district, weather bureau or cooperative extension service and ask about your Et rate. However, your particular microclimate will also affect evapotranspiration in different areas of your yard. Ask us about Smart Controllers that use an on-site sensor to determine ET automatically.
  •  Avoid applying water to hardscapes and areas where plants aren’t growing. Significant run-off can occur when water is sprayed on sidewalks and driveways. This can wash fertilizers and pesticide residues into storm drains and thereby into streams, lakes or oceans.
  • Revise your watering schedule as the seasons change. Over-watering is most common during fall months when summer timer settings have not been adjusted to the cooler temperatures.
  • Check plant moisture levels regularly. Make sure root zones are moist to a depth of 6-12” for turf, flowers and vegetables, 12-24” for shrubs and groundcovers, 2-3’ for trees. Water applied below the root zone is not accessible for plant growth and therefore is not effective.
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Coverage Problems: How To Improve Sprinkler System Uniformity

Brown Spots and Poor Sprinkler Coverage: How To Improve Sprinkler System Uniformity

Poor sprinkler coverage keeps your landscape from looking its best. Problems with sprinkler coverage show up as stressed or brown turf, uneven growth or bare spots.

Poor coverage can be caused by:

  • Aging or improper sprinkler heads
  • Poor head layout
  • Changes in available water pressure
  • Growth in plantings or changes in landscape

Often in systems with poor coverage, you have to overwater some areas just to get other areas to stay alive. By resolving the coverage problem, you reduce the need for overwatering.

We can often quickly and easily remedy coverage problems by adding sprinklers, the type of head or altering the layout. Ask your Aqua-Lawn Sprinkler Expert for a no obligation quote on correcting coverage problems with your sprinkler system or call our office at (203) 367-7444 for more information.

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Why Choose Aqua-Lawn for Irrigation Service?

With the area’s largest fleet of service vehicles and a veteran staff of factory-trained technicians, Aqua-Lawn excels at providing timely service to clients throughout Connecticut.

For many years, our business has been driven by referrals. The continued satisfaction of our maintenance customers assures our company will continue to prosper. We provide reliable seasonal service to winterize systems in the fall and reactivate them in the spring, as well as water-saving check-ups in season to fine-tune operation.
Our veteran service technicians are knowledgeable in repairing systems of any brand or vintage. “Orphan systems” We have maintained systems for many clients for over 30 years. We can help make your investment last.

Each technician is supplied with the latest equipment including:

  •  A fully-stocked service truck to handle the full range of maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment for valve location, broken wire detection, valve actuation and leak detection.
  • Radio telephones for rapid communication.
  • Computerized record-keeping of system history

Our office staff is always available to listen and to tailor our service visit to your desired schedule. We respond to emergencies on a same day basis, including evenings and weekends.

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